Locus Iste – Anton Bruckner | Siparantum Choir [Video]

In the following link, you can listen to our interpretation of “Locus Iste” by Anton Bruckner, which we have performed with great dedication by the Siparantum Choir. The video has been selected to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Bruckner’s birth in 2024 as part of the Upper Austria Cultural Expo.

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A dream that is coming true

The Siparantum Choir has already taken to the stage of the #Wiener #Konzerthaus in the dress rehearsal for the New Year concert, together with #WienerSingakademie and #WienerSymphoniker / Wellber under the direction of Maestro Omer Meir Wellber.
Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor op. 125 (1822–1824).



3 pozita për Soprano

3 pozita për Alto

3 pozita për Tenor

3 pozita për Bass

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Konkursi është i hapur deri me 19 Janar 2024.

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Minister Çeku met the conductor of the Siparantum Choir, Memli Kelmendi.

With their love for music, work, and dedication, they have reached the highest heights in world choral music. The Siparantum Choir is bringing great success to the country.
Minister Çeku met with conductor and choir leader Memli Kelmendi today, congratulating him on his recent success: winning the gold medal at the Grand Prix of Nations in Sweden.
Together, they discussed the choir’s activities, challenges, current affairs, and plans for the rest of the year.
The Ministry of Culture is the main supporter of the Siparantum Choir.


Memli Kelmendi’s Appointment to WCCN – WORLD CHORAL CONDUCTING NETWORK Steering Committee

We are thrilled to announce that our conductor, Memli Kelmendi, has been chosen to serve on the Steering Committee of the WORLD CHORAL CONDUCTING NETWORK (WCCN).

The WCCN aims to enhance and promote the field of choral conducting on a global scale, emphasizing its importance within the global society and the musical community. Memli is among the founding members who have significantly contributed to establishing the WCCN.