Siparantum Choir Wins First Prize Again at European Festival for Young People

Under the direction of Memli Kelmendi, the Siparantum Choir has achieved an extraordinary victory in Category G at the prestigious “European Festival for Young People,” Neerpel, reclaiming first place.

The Siparantum Choir presented the following pieces in this competition: “With a Flower”—Memli Kelmendi, “A Little in the Dream, A Little Awake”—Baki Jashari, “Ta na Solbici”—Samo Vovk, “Atsalums” (Coldness)—Jēkabs Jančevskis, and “And in the Evening”—Arr. Memli Kelmendi.

The performance of the Siparantum Choir was highly praised by the Professional Jury and by many artists from all over the world who participated. At the event attended by the Embassy of Kosovo in Brussels, representatives of this institution, including Ambassador Agron Bajrami, were present to support this great success on the international stage. The Siparantum Choir represented Kosovo in this competition among 20 countries worldwide.

Photo Credits: EMJ Festival / Albert Loos & Emma Faes

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