About us


Siparantum Choir is the most known choir in the scene of Kosovo’s music. The Choir was created in 2017 by a group of Kosovo people from different backgrounds who shared the same dream and commitment: the joy of singing, collaboration, and friendship, with the sole aim of representing Kosovo’s rich culture worldwide. The intensive work driven by inspired and enthusiastic voluntary members has successfully represented Kosovo’s rich culture outside its borders. 

The current artistic structure of the Choir consists of solo performers, Siparantum Choir, a Children’s Choir, a Women’s Choir, Men Choir, and Mixed Choir. Siparantum Choir is recognized by many Music Critics in Kosovo and worldwide and collaborates with the well-known Kosovo pianist Agron Shujaku. As a result of the tireless work and determination of the permanent conductor Memli Kelmendi, Siparantum Choir was selected to participate in the most prestigious choir competition, World Choir Games 2021. Memli Kelmendi is a World Choir Games Council member and the first Kosovo representative within the Council. 

Enrichened with attractive choreography, Siparantum has successfully performed works of world-famous composers from Renaissance to contemporary music, such as Bach, Mozart, Whitacre, Preisner, Runestad, Rabe, Rudi, Mengjiqi, Jashari, Kelmendi, etc.  

Siparantum Choir was selected to participate at the International Choir Festival of Europe “International Choir Contest Flanders 2019” – in Genk, Belgium, and was honored with the special award “Honorable Mention.” The well-known Croatian composer and conductor Josip Degl’ Ivellio has conducted and contributed to numerous Siparantum Choir performances and facilitated the building of artistic collaborations with Italy and Croatia. Siparantum is now part of the latest CD of “International Choir Contest, Flanders 2019,” among other participating Choirs. 

 In October 2021, Siparantum won “Golden Plaque” at the International Choir Festival “The Golden Lime of Tuhelj,” Croatia, and was rated with maximum points (98,33).

From its participation in the world’s most significant choral music competition, World Choir Games 2021, the Choir was part of the category “Musica Contemporanea” and won the first place – category winner and two gold diplomas in the Open Competition. Consequently, the Choir was highly praised by many music critics.

The choir has performed in the most prestigious concert hall in the world, the Berlin Philharmonie, which is considered every artist’s dream. In May 2022, Siparantum Choir participated in the European Music Festival for Young People and won the first F and G prizes (Pennant Categories).

The choir recently won Category A1 – Choirs of Mixed Voices – Difficulty Level I and Golden Diploma in Lisbon Sings, Portugal, and Silver Diploma in Sacred Music Category. 

The Siparantum Choir has collaborated with famous conductors such as Simon Carrington, William Bennett, Christian Bahrens, Josip degl’ Ivellio, Mihaly Zeke, Borjana Velichkova, Sofia Goldasi, Oliver Rudin, Mia Makaroff, Pedro Teixeira. Recently the choir had its concert at the Berlin Philharmonic (10 Feb. 2023).  

Recently the choir had its concert at the Berlin Philharmonie (10 Feb. 2023).  

The most beautiful part of the choir is undoubtedly the children’s choir, Siparantum Kids. The choir was founded in 2018, and during these years, the children’s choir presented in various programs and concerts. Actually, in the chorus are 35 children from ages 6-13. The children’s choir is at the end of finishing the first CD, which will be published on June 1, 2023.

Currently, the Siparantum Choir is ranked 413th in the WORLD INTERKULTUR RANKING.