About us


Siparantum Choir is the most prominent choir in the Kosovo music scene, formed in 2017 by a group of volunteers with a shared passion: singing, collaboration, friendship, and representing Kosovo’s rich culture on international stages. Through the intensive work of inspired and enthusiastic members, the choir has managed to showcase Kosovo’s rich heritage beyond its borders. The choir aims to strengthen diversity and build a culture of hospitality through music, promoting Kosovo’s cultural heritage while creating bridges for the internationalization of music. They motivate audiences worldwide with unwavering dedication and passion, spreading the beauty of Kosovo’s musical traditions.

The current artistic structure of the choir consists of soloists, a female choir, a male choir, a mixed choir, and the “Siparantum Kids” children’s choir. The choir is well-known among music critics in Kosovo and around the world. They have a close collaboration with the renowned Kosovar pianist Agron Shujaku.

Thanks to the tireless work and determination of the permanent conductor, Memli Kelmendi, the choir now represents Kosovo in the world’s largest choral network, the World Choir Council (since 2018). Recently, Memli was appointed as the National Ambassador of Kosovo to the International Federation of Choir Conductors (ICCF).

Siparantum Choir has participated in numerous competitions and major choral music festivals worldwide. Notably, they won first prize in the “Musica Contemporanea” category and two gold diplomas in the open competition at the World Choir Games in 2021. They have mesmerized audiences with their beautiful performances, covering everything from Renaissance classics to contemporary composers like Bach, Mozart, Gorecki, Whitacre, Runestad, Rabe, Rudi, Mengjiqi, and others.

The choir has achieved extraordinary success in various concerts and programs. They have collaborated with famous conductors such as Simon Carrington, Ēriks Ešenvalds, Mihaly Zeke, Mia Makaroff, William Bennett, Christian Behrens, Josip Degl’Ivellio, Borjana Velichkova, Sofia Goldasi, Oliver Rudin, and Pedro Teixeira.

The renowned Croatian composer and conductor Josip Degl’Ivellio, with whom the choir has collaborated on several musical projects, has directed the choir on several occasions and contributed to international artistic collaborations with Italy and Croatia.

A remarkable achievement for Siparantum Choir was becoming the first Albanian choir to perform at the Berlin Philharmonie, an exceptional milestone for Kosovo’s culture and music. Their recent concert, titled “Nga Bjeshket – Musik aus dem Kosova,” held at the Berlin Philharmonie, received excellent acclaim. The Berlin Philharmonie is considered a dream stage for any artist, emphasizing the significance of this exceptional achievement for the Siparantum Choir and Albanian culture.

Apart from the prestigious venue of the Berlin Philharmonie, they have performed at renowned international venues such as Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp, Hrvatski Glasbeni Zavod in Croatia, the Cathedral of Ljubljana in Slovenia, Gangneung Art Center in South Korea, and others.

The Choir has completed over 140 activities, successfully holding concerts and participating in prestigious festivals in various countries worldwide. These countries include Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Croatia, North Macedonia, Portugal, Albania, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Their activities have provided a wonderful experience for their audience, showcasing their unique voices and artistic talent. The choir has presented its music with deep meaning and emotion on various international stages, sharing beauty and inspiration with the world. Their challenges and successes during their tours have influenced the growth of their artistic reputation and international recognition, ranking them among the top 400 choirs in the world (World Ranking List).

Siparantum Choir is considered the Ambassador of Albanian Choral Culture on the international stage, bringing 12 significant awards to our culture.


  1. Golden Plaque at the International Choir Festival “The Golden Lime of Tuhelj,” Croatia (2021)
  2. Gold Medal at the International Choir Festival “The Golden Lime of Tuhelj,” Croatia (2021)
  3. Winner of the “Musica Contemporanea” Category at the World Choir Games, Belgium (2021)
  4. Gold Diploma in “Musica Contemporanea” at the World Choir Games, Belgium (2021)
  5. Winner of Category F (1st place) at the European Music Festival for Young People, Belgium (2022)
  6. Winner of Category G – Pennant Category (1st place) at the European Music Festival for Young People, Belgium (2022)
  7. Siparantum is selected by the professional jury for the “Laureate Concert” at the European Music Festival for Young People, Belgium (2022)
  8. Winner of Category A1 – Choirs of Mixed Voices – Difficulty Level I at “Lisbon Sings,” Portugal (2022)
  9. Art Diploma A1 – Choirs of Mixed Voices – Difficulty Level I at “Lisbon Sings,” Portugal (2022)
  10. Silver Diploma in the Sacral Music Category at “Lisbon Sings,” Portugal (2022)
  11. Gold Medal – The Champions Competition – Musica Contemporanea at the World Choir Games (2023), South Korea
  12. Gold Medal – The Champions Competition – Mixed Choir at the World Choir Games (2023), South Korea
  13. Gold Medal – European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations (2023), Sweden
  14. Winner / 1st Prize in the Category G at the European Music Festival for Young People, Belgium (2024)

These achievements have solidified Siparantum Choir’s position as a cultural ambassador for Kosovo spreading its culture to international audiences.