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Siparantum Choir @World Choir Games 2021

When the dream comes true… SiparantumChoir for the first time in the history of choral music of our country, Siparantum will represent Kosovo in the largest choral music competition in the world, WORLD CHOIR GAMES 2021. In WCG this year compete over 300 choirs from around the world. The choir competes in the Open Competition,…Read more

Siparantum Choir won the “Golden Plate” in XII. International Choir Competition “Golden Tuhel Lime” -Croatia.🏅

Siparantum Choir c among 14 competing choirs from; Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo; was evaluated with a maximum score of 98.33 by the professional jury; Goran Jerkovic, Miljenka Grdan and Robert Homen. The choir entered the top four finalist choirs and received the “Golden Plate” in the XII. International Choir Competition “Golden Tuhel…Read more